Наши адреса:
Киев, Кловский спуск 7, БЦ Carnegie Tower, 6-й этаж
Одесса, проспект Гагарина 12А, офис 501, 503



You are developing, working effectively for your students, so we’d like to offer you and your employees a qualified help and support to provide a service which can be made with going beyond the usual framework and we will be glad to cooperate with you.

To implement our commitments, we are professionally engaged in international education: we’re researching opportunities, exploring the market and new directions, having meetings with professionals and teachers, visiting personally schools and Universities and sure we are ready to share our experience and knowledge with clients.

Any partnership is mutually beneficial and if we can be useful for you, we will be happy.


Mutually beneficial cooperation

We’re trying to understand and taking into account the interests of our partners. We are interested in the increase of clients, you can count on our support.

Pricing for clients

We’re making everything possible to reduce the cost of services and to maintain high quality and efficiency.

Selling services directly to clients

We continue the building of own offices to have opportunities to invite the clients to the office and meet with them personally. It's efficient, it's convenient, and it’s a service.

Partners help to create opportunities

The client makes a contract with a live person directly on the spot and receives real help with preparation of documents, testing and he solves many other issues.

Partners are our support

We guarantee excellent service to all clients, but only partners help us to create a high-quality individual service and we are grateful to them for it.

Partners earn more

We understand how is important to work individual with a client, we appreciate and guarantee the best conditions.



We are keen on finding solutions and paying special attention to the choice of partners.


Solution options for one client cannot be a standard for another. We can accept the challenge and avoid making minded decisions.

Simplicity and clarity

We’re working honestly and communicating openly.


We’re trying to be reliable, predictable and compulsory partners. We are defending for long-term relationships.


We’re listening, communicating, interacting and appreciating the individuality.


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